It’s time to start thinking about our goals for this year. Coming back to work can be a little depressing, especially when our non ag friends are still holidaying and publishing their sun soaked pictures. I don’t mean budget, expense or performance reviews.  I am speaking about turning our broad goals into measurable, time-bound, achievable goals.

Personally I have so much going on in my life that I need to somehow turn chaos into order.  The first step in this has been to welcome our beloved Celia to the team last July. My diary has now magically become brightly coloured and fully organised.  I am free to take on the work responsibilities where I add value and Celia handles the things she thrives at.  Great start! We have become committed to empowering each person to take the lead on what they enjoy and are good at. The difference in team dynamics and overall job satisfaction is really noticeable.

We also use the ‘SMART’ goal setting tool and find it really helpful in both our personal and work lives. It’s a truly ancient tool by the millennial generation’s standards but can of course be found and templates accessed all over the web.

I have a list of broad goals  – to have a no weed garden, to remember the needs of my four adult  kids who all want me more now than when they were 6, to catch  up with my friends who in the main think I’ve left them for greener pastures, to be a responsible member of my weekly networking group which I constantly miss, to appreciate my work colleagues whom I don’t always see because I’m winging my way all over the country interviewing candidates, to not forget the very important Sunday night catch up with my cycling friends at the local pub etc etc.

Here is some of what I’ve put together to make my mind spin less.

“I will weed, spray and trim my garden every 2 weeks so that by June 2018 it is healthy and weed free.”

This is a SMART goal. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound.

“I will catch up with everyone as a team once a week at a scheduled regular time beginning Monday 8 January to measure our performance against our business plan until the end of this financial year.” Another SMART goal.

It has been a really interesting exercise for us with Jo introducing the HBDI (Herman Brain Dominance Instrument) tool to both our business and our clients’. We have been using it successfully alongside other psychometric assessments for both recruiting and team building purposes.

HBDI shows our thinking preferences. The left side of our brains is responsible for logical, analytical problem solving with planning and organisation thrown in. The right handles creativity and conceptualising, interpersonal, emotional and expressive areas. We are usually a mixture of these with a lean towards a certain quadrant.

We have found that to have our small group cohesive, all quadrants of the communal brain need to be fully represented. One person just loves planning and organising. Another is purely analytical, technical, logical, whilst the other three of us are all quite right brained. It’s a relief to know what our strengths are so that we can understand each other and work together better.

If you would like to speak about these tools in more depth, I’m happy to explain them further. Just give me a ring.